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Why You Should Make a ‘Post-Grad’ Bucket List

Bucket list: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

Have you ever made written up a bucket list before? I remember the first time I wrote one, I was in my grade 10 chemistry class, and my classmates and I made a high school bucket list. It included stuff like ‘go to a music festival’, ‘skip a day of class and go to Canada’s Wonderland’, and ‘road trip to Las Vegas!’. It’s safe to say that none of these things ever happened, however, it introduced me to the realm of possibilities that come with letting your mind wander to places it’s never been and realizing what it is you really want. After spending most of our child lives in school, what my classmates and I really wanted was adventure and freedom.

Now, life is in some ways more complicated than it was back then, but in others, much simpler. I am very grateful for my education, and for the stability that schooling gave me as I grew into the woman I am today. At 24, life is complicated because I have bills to pay, more responsibilities I am accountable for, and my mistakes become less forgiving as I age. However, when you’re 15, life is also complicated because you have so many things you want to experience, and yet you’re bound by so many obstacles: age, finances, parental authority, life experience, and fear. But one thing that isn’t bound is your creativity and ability to dream. When you get older and you’re no longer being shut down by parents and teachers, you begin to be your own barrier to the world, stifling your creativity and dreams for a desire to be practical.

All of this to say that there will always be obstacles in life. At 15, at 24, at 34 and at 61. But if you allow obstacles from stopping you in following your dreams, you’ll one day realize that there was never a ‘right time’. That magical carpet never showed up, ready to sweep you to a magical place. You’re responsible in making those dreams come true, and where does that start, you may ask? Well, it can start with a simple bucket list.

I am a firm believer of needing to know what you want before you can manifest it into your life. Therefore, if you crave stability, warm cozy nights in by a fireplace with your love and some tea, you have to be consciously aware of that before you can attract it. Maybe by having a goal of buying a cozy cottage in Vermont, or a beachside tavern. If you crave action and adventure, you need to define that before you can figure out how to achieve it. For some, it’s taking a leave of absence from their jobs for a year to travel around the whole world. For others, that means a week-long trip to Burning Man. You need to define your dreams before you can set out to achieve it.

Bucket lists force you to dig inside your mind and figure out what you really want out of your life. Take as long as you need to, to actually make the list: for some, it can take minutes; for others it can take weeks. But it’s a great exercise to make sure that you’re not living your life in autopilot. I’ll leave you with a quote:

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.”

– Adlai Stevenson

Do you have a bucket list? What are some things on yours? Share your thoughts below!

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