The Struggling Graduate is a blog created by a struggling graduate herself who is attempting to gracefully stumble through the exciting and terrifying world of ‘official’ adulthood.

Dear fellow new(ish) grads, twenty-somethings, or fellow lost souls,

Upon graduating in the summer of ’18, I thought I was totally prepared for real-life ‘adulthood’. I watched friends go through the struggle themselves before me, so I planned to learn from their mistakes. However, what I learned was that just like war and giving birth, no matter how many books you read about it, you’ll never be prepared until you live it.

Graduation Day – when I thought my days of stress were over (they in fact, were not)

Fast forward a couple of years and tons of mistakes later, I feel like I’ve finally found my footing. But every time I climb up three steps, I seem to incidentally slip on a banana peel as if I’m in a game of Super Smash Bros. After many “why me?” moments and countless rainy days of brooding in my bedroom listening to early 2000’s emo music, I realized that the ups and downs are what make life worth living – without downs, I could never truly appeciate the ups. Nowadays, I respect those few moments I’m sitting on my butt, defenseless, at the mercy of Donkey Kong. Or fate, if we want to escape these terrible video game references.

The Struggling Graduate is an in-progress guide to surviving the ‘real world’. It’s a goal crushing, growth-oriented but also self-love encouraging community created to let other new-ish adults know they’re not alone, no matter what their circumstances are. It’s a place to be real, vulnerable and rise from the ashes (or banana peels).

The Struggling Graduate is your twenties toolkit to help you navigate the struggle. And then crush it. From one adult to another, you got this.


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