The Career

In Conversation With…A ‘Customer Service Associate’

This week’s graduate graduated with a diploma in Interior Design Technology 2 years ago, but her strong relationship management skills and friendly demeanour led her to be a high-performer in her position as a Bilingual Customer Service Associate. Do you have a passion for helping people and love interacting with customers? Read on below to learn more!

The Struggling Graduate: Describe yourself in 3 words.

M: Personable, outgoing, creative.

The Struggling Graduate: What is your role and what is a typical day like?

M: I am a bilingual customer service associate for 3 major shoe brands in a leading global company. I process orders via our internal system and respond to customer inquiries by email and by phone. I oversee any orders that our department receives as well as do a number of other tasks for the brands’ sales representatives. A typical day starts by running my daily report to see what new orders have come in and what orders are ready to be shipped out, and once that’s done, I take care of any new orders that need to be entered as well as take care of returns for customers on defective products only. 

The Struggling Graduate: How did you get your job?

M: I got my job with the extensive customer service experience that I have and by being bilingual in French and English. I was referred to an amazing recruiter that found me this job and helped me prepare for and then excel in my interview. Having relevant work experience and solid references was key to obtaining my job. 

The Struggling Graduate: What skills do you need to be good at your role? Describe the kind of person who would excel in your role. 

M: You need to have great active listening and strong communication skills to be able to interact with different people. We work directly with the stores that sell our brands so it’s a business to business interaction and it requires a high level of professionalism. I would say anyone that has a passion for customer service and likes to help others would be great in this role. 

The Struggling Graduate: Last but not least…where do you see yourself in 5 years?

M: I graduated almost 2 years ago now and I am going back to school for a completely new field. With that said, in 5 years I see myself working in any big company in human resources, probably working on different projects for the company and really getting involved with the company’s culture by planning out different work events and training for employees. 

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