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Everything Right with No Longer Being a Student

Adulting is fun. Let's ignore student loans and societal stigma about not having life figured out yet.

This blog has discussed the cons of graduating one too many times; post-grad depression, student loans, losing the student discount at your favourite clothing stores.

But what about the perks?

After twenty or more years of being a student, you finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here is everything right with no longer being a student:

‘Free Time’ Really Means ‘Free Time’

In university or college, even when you weren’t in class, most of the time, there was still something you had to be doing. An assignment, an essay, a group project, a midterm coming up – your mind was never really at peace. When you’re out of school, assuming you’re not studying for your MCAT, LSATs, CPA or any other designation, your free time is truly your own. Long weekend? Road trip!

You Can Afford to Do Things

In university, chances were that the money you were spending was loaned, your parents were supporting you or you were working part-time to make ends meet. Either way, your discretionary spending was limited. When you’re working full-time, you can actually afford to do things that you enjoy, more so than when you were a student. Sure, student loans are a thing, but if you manage your pay check, most of the time you can find yourself with some leftover spending money. Cheers to not being a broke student anymore!

Figuring Things Out For Yourself

For once in your life, you’re free to figure things out for yourself instead of being taught. Sure, university encourages self-expression and debate, but now it’s your responsibility to seek out knowledge and information, and form your own opinions. Guess it’s time to download The Economist app on my phone?

Appreciating Routine….

In university, no day was the same. As great and exciting as that was at that point in your life, graduating and adulting have taught you to appreciate having a set schedule and routine for yourself. You know exactly when you’re going to meal prep, get your workout in and can plan social activities that you know you’ll make it to, because no last-minute group meeting will pop up.

…While Still Having the Flexibility to Pack Up and Leave Whenever

In school, you were held back by the constant reminder that you have another year to go, and so you were chained to this place for a set amount of years. When you graduate, even when you have a job, you technically have the freedom to pick up and move across the world anytime, if the opportunity presents itself. Nothing is static in your life after graduation. There is a certain level of freedom that comes with no longer being attached to a school.

Discovering Your Personal Style

I recently found old pictures from my second and third year of university, and I was shocked. I forgot how long my wardrobe consisted of leggings, cozy sweater cardigans, beanies and old band t-shirts. After graduation, I found my personal style. You should always dress for where you want to go in life, and this becomes easier when you have the routine, the vision and the funds to dress to impress.

Got any other perks of no longer being a student to share? Leave a comment!

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