In Conversation With…A ‘Retail Sales Leader’

This week's graduate graduated 2 years ago with an Honour's Bachelor of Commerce from a recognized university. He's an outgoing, relationship-oriented self-starter with a passion for action. That's why his role as 'Retail Sales Leader' at a leading pet food CPG company is perfect for him. Did something above resonate with you? Read on to … Continue reading In Conversation With…A ‘Retail Sales Leader’

Are you facing ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at Your New Job?

Imagine this: You've gotten a job offer. Perhaps it's your first real job out of university, or it's a position that you've been wanting for a long time, or it's a role you never thought you'd get. You've celebrated, formally accepted the offer, signed the letter and given your two weeks. You're beyond excited to … Continue reading Are you facing ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at Your New Job?